Hanafi, in a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador, states: Islamic Emirate supports China

Bayan News – Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the administrative deputy of the caretaker government’s cabinet, said in a meeting with Jaw Shing, the Chinese Ambassador, that the Islamic Emirate supports China.

The meeting, which took place on Friday (September 21), saw Hanafi stating, “We support China’s unity and the Belt and Road Initiative, and Afghanistan is striving to connect with this project through various corridors.”

He added that Afghanistan will not allow any country to use its soil against the security of another country, and some countries promote the defamation of Afghanistan, but China’s presence and cooperation in the country have proven these allegations wrong.

The administrative deputy of the cabinet also emphasized that China has had good relations with Afghanistan throughout history, and the Islamic Emirate seeks to continue that. He further stated that the policy of the Islamic Emirate is based on mutual respect, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, and the continuation of bilateral relations with all neighbors, especially China.

On the other hand, Jaw Shing, representing his country, assured of any cooperation and emphasized that Beijing supports lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and aims to inclusively participate in major economic projects in Afghanistan through mutual consultation.

However, after the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate’s control over Afghanistan, China was one of the first countries to reopen its embassy in Kabul, and since then, the country has been striving to expand its relations with the caretaker government in Kabul.

China maintained close relations with the previous government over the past two decades.

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