Establishment of the First Serum Production Factory in Kabul

Bayan News – On Tuesday, October 2nd, a serum and medicine production factory was inaugurated in Kabul with an investment of twenty-five million dollars, in the presence of officials from the Islamic Emirate.

Tawab Ghafoori, the head of the factory, stated during the opening ceremony that the factory will operate 24 hours a day, providing employment opportunities for hundreds of local and foreign youth.

He added that the factory will produce more than 100,000 serums on a daily basis.

Ghafoori emphasized, “The Islamic Emirate has created investment opportunities in various sectors, and traders should invest in different areas.”

However, Mawlawi Qudratullah Jamal, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Islamic Emirate, stated in his remarks during the event, “It is an honor that a serum production company has been established within the country.”

According to Jamal, the Islamic Emirate supports investors, and the government pays attention to issues such as land distribution for industrialists, resolving power shortages in industrial parks, and increasing tariffs on self-sufficient or self-reliant materials in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, the First Deputy of the Chamber of Industries and Mines, highlighted the need for more attention to address certain problems, including tariff increases, and called for greater cooperation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

He stated that the country’s water is being managed and the industry is growing, and the capital of traders should serve the nation.

While considering the lack of electricity and land as the biggest obstacle for traders, he mentioned that some of the country’s products have reached European markets.

Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Trade had announced that work was underway in 39 industrial parks in the country, and currently, Afghanistan has achieved self-sufficiency in 50 types of materials.

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