Report: Afghans are the highest number of people entering Britain by boat

Bayan News – The UK Refugee Council has stated in its latest report that Afghan citizens are the largest group of individuals who have entered Britain via small boats across the English Channel.

According to the report released on Thursday, October 4th, it is stated that approximately 4,069 Afghan asylum seekers have crossed the English Channel and reached Britain in the first eight months of this year.

Following Afghan refugees, Iranian citizens are the second-largest group of asylum seekers who have entered Britain by small boats, according to this report.

The UK Refugee Council still emphasizes in this report that 54 percent of those who have crossed the English Channel are citizens of Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea, and Syria.

It is also stated that the number of non-Albanians who have entered Britain via this channel has increased compared to 2022.

According to the UK Refugee Council, if the asylum requests of these individuals are reviewed by the government of this country, it is likely that three out of every four of them will qualify for asylum.

On the other hand, the council added that if the UK government initiates the enforcement process of the so-called “Illegal Immigration Law,” over 27,000 asylum seekers will be deprived of receiving asylum and residency in this country annually.

This is happening while in the past year, dozens of asylum seekers who attempted to reach Britain through illegal routes drowned and lost their lives at sea.

The developments in Afghanistan over the past two years, as well as Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, have increased the trend of illegal migration.

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