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Request of 80 Countries for Taliban to Lift Restrictions on Women

Bayan News – It has been reported that representatives from 80 countries have issued a joint statement urging the interim government in Kabul to lift restrictions on Afghan women and girls.

The joint statement was presented today, Thursday, October 4th, at the third committee of the United Nations General Assembly, and representatives from approximately 80 countries have signed the statement.

The European Union, Canada, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and 75 other countries have signed this joint statement.

According to the statement, Afghan women and girls face the harshest and most systematic forms of discrimination, oppression, and violation of rights in the world.

The representatives of these countries have expressed concern about the status of women and have called on the interim government in Kabul to lift these restrictions as quickly as possible.

According to the statement, the interim government in Kabul should respect the human rights values of women and girls and allow them to participate extensively in Afghan society.

The signatories emphasized the need for a comprehensive and inclusive system in Afghanistan and declared that all citizens, especially women and girls, should be able to play a constructive role in the country’s economy, peace, and well-being.

Currently, Afghan girls face restrictions on education, and women are prohibited from freely traveling and working in domestic and international offices.

Officials of the interim government in Kabul have considered the issue of women and girls as an internal matter over the past six months and have requested that all countries not interfere in this matter.

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