Harsh Tone of Afghan Militant against Pakistan; Forced Expulsion of Migrants Unjust

Bayan News – Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, the acting Minister of Defense of Afghanistan, warns that the decision to forcibly expel Afghan migrants will strain the Kabul-Islamabad relations.

He made these remarks today, on Friday (October 5th), during the 14th graduation ceremony of the Kabul Police Academy, criticizing the Pakistani government’s actions in a sharp tone.

The acting Minister of Defense described Pakistan’s decision to expel Afghan migrants as unfair and unjust.

Mujahid urged Pakistani religious scholars to oppose their government’s decision and prevent violent actions against Afghan migrants.

He also advised Afghan investors not to invest in Pakistan.

Recently, due to the increased insecurity within Pakistan, relations between Kabul and Islamabad have deteriorated. Senior Pakistani officials claim that Afghan nationals are involved in terrorist attacks in their country. Furthermore, they allege that the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) utilizes Afghan soil to launch attacks against Pakistan.

These claims have become more frequent in the past two years, but they have consistently been rejected by the Kabul interim government.

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