Biden: There must be a way to establish a Palestinian state

Bayan News – Amid escalating violence between Israel and Palestinians, US President Joe Biden emphasizes on one hand the destruction of Hamas and on the other hand calls for a search for a solution to establish Palestinian sovereignty.

He made these remarks on Monday evening (October 15) in an interview with CBS television network, stating that the occupation of Palestine by Israel would be a grave mistake.

Regarding efforts to rescue Americans stranded in the Israel-Gaza conflict, Biden said, “We will do what we can to find the living and free those who have been captured by Hamas in Gaza.”

The President of the United States clearly stated in this interview that Hamas must be completely eradicated from the south and Hezbollah in Lebanon from the north, but there must be a Palestinian governance and a search for a way to establish a Palestinian state.

He also issued a warning to Iran and Hezbollah in terms of expanding the war or crossing the border towards northern Israel. “My message to Iran is not to cross the border and escalate the war,” but Biden further stated that there is no evidence of Iran’s involvement in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict has entered its eleventh day, during which thousands of Palestinians have left their homes and become displaced.

The Israeli army continues to attack the Gaza Strip with rocket fire and ground operations, and despite international efforts, a ceasefire has not been achieved between the two sides.

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