Trip of a US General to Israel and the Possibility of Deploying Two Thousand US Forces

Bayan News – On the twelfth day of the Israel-Palestinian war, international media reported the trip of General Michael Eric Kurilla, the Chief of Staff for US Central Command, to Israel early on Wednesday (October 17).

According to Reuters, the trip of this US general comes just before the official visit of Joe Biden, the President of the United States, to Israel.

The American general, who oversees US forces in the Middle East, stated that he wants to ensure that Israeli forces have the necessary capabilities to confront Hamas.

It is also said that Washington has repeatedly issued warnings with the aim of creating deterrence against Iran and its supported paramilitary groups, while increasing its military presence in the region.

Moreover, the Wall Street Journal, citing US military officials, reported the possibility of deploying 2,000 US soldiers in support of Israel.

According to the report, this number of US troops will be limited to providing military advice and medical services.

The Wall Street Journal stated that US defense and military officials said that these forces are from across the US armed forces and are not intended to serve in combat roles.

Over the past twelve days, the Israeli army has heavily targeted Gaza with missile attacks, resulting in the deaths of over two thousand Palestinians.

As a result of these clashes, nearly 1,500 Israelis have also been killed.

However, the Israeli government continues to intensify its attacks and intends to launch a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

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