More than 20 Reporters Killed in the Israel and Palestine Conflict

Bayan News – Several international organizations have reported that at least 21 reporters have lost their lives in the Israel and Hamas conflict, with the majority of casualties resulting from Israeli military airstrikes.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) expressed concern on Friday (October 19th) in a released report, stating that an additional eight journalists have been injured since the beginning of the hostilities.

According to the organization’s report, the slain journalists include 17 Palestinians, three Israelis, and one Lebanese individual.

The report highlights the significant risks faced by reporters in the Gaza Strip as they strive to cover the conflict, including Israeli ground attacks, devastating airstrikes, disruptions in communications, and widespread power outages.

Sharif Mansour, the Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator at the Committee to Protect Journalists, stated, “Journalists are non-combatants who play an important role in times of crisis and should not be targeted by the warring parties.”

He added, “Reporters throughout the region are making tremendous sacrifices to cover this conflict. All parties must take actions to ensure their safety.”

However, two weeks have passed since the start of the Israel and Hamas clashes, during which thousands of people have been killed and injured.

Diplomatic efforts to establish a ceasefire between the Israeli military and Hamas have not yielded results.

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