British Institution’s Warning: Citizens of this Country Should Not Travel to Afghanistan

Bayan News – British institutions have urged citizens of the country not to travel to Afghanistan due to the possibility of terrorist attacks by extremist groups.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of Britain labeled the security situation in Afghanistan as unstable and issued a warning to its citizens about the potential for terrorist attacks.

The British institution stated that security threats in certain areas of Afghanistan, including cultural and religious sites, as well as airports, are likely.

So far, security officials of the caretaker government in Kabul have not responded to these concerns.

Over the past two years, this British institution has raised similar concerns several times regarding the travel of its citizens.

However, a few days ago, Imam Zamam Mosque in Balkh province was targeted in a suicide attack, claiming the lives of nearly 20 worshipers.

The responsibility for this attack was claimed by the Khorasan branch of the ISIS group.

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