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Bent: Under the rule of the Islamic Emirate, there is a culture of impunity for punishment.

Bayan News – Richard Bent, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan, says that Afghanistan is currently facing numerous challenges, particularly in terms of human rights abuses, a culture of impunity for punishment, and a humanitarian crisis.

Bent made these remarks recently at the United Nations General Assembly regarding the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

The UN Special Rapporteur continues to express concerns about the worsening human rights situation in Afghanistan due to the policies of the current regime and the repressive actions of the Islamic Emirate.

According to him, given all these challenges, it is imperative for the international community to take immediate action to prevent a humanitarian crisis and potential instability.

He added, “The culture of impunity for torture and inhumane treatment in detention centers, as well as the violation of human rights against former government officials and military personnel, despite promises made, still exists.”

The Special Rapporteur on human rights also referred to the ongoing detention of activists and human rights defenders who exercise their rights to peaceful protest and freedom of expression.

He emphasized the need for the international community to work towards reopening schools for girls under the interim Kabul government.

However, the authorities of the interim Kabul government have consistently dismissed concerns about the human rights situation and emphasized that fundamental rights of the Afghan people are guaranteed under their rule.

It should be noted that after the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, schools and universities were closed to girls, and after two years, it is still uncertain when educational restrictions will be lifted.

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