The body of a 60-year-old Afghan migrant was found in a ruined four-walled structure in Mashhad

Bayan News – the body of Sang Ali, a 60-year-old Afghan migrant who lived in the city of Mashhad, Iran, was found in a ruined four-walled structure after 20 days of being missing.

According to the Iranian newspaper “Khorasan,” Sang Ali’s body was found yesterday (October 28).

Approximately 17 days ago, Sang Ali’s family informed the police and spread the word through social networks that he had left home and had not returned.

According to the Iranian newspaper, the police have arrested a suspect in the murder of this Afghan migrant based on their investigations.

The report states: “I took him to the vineyard of one of my relatives in the vicinity of the village of Barqi for agricultural work, but when we arrived, he claimed that he couldn’t work! Amidst his words, he insulted me, which made me angry, and I hit him on the head with a stone.”

This Afghan migrant is killed shortly after, at a time when anti-Afghan sentiments had been intensifying in Iran.

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