Pakistan Interior Minister: All undocumented migrants will be deported from Pakistan

Bayan News – as the deadline for the forced deportation of undocumented Afghan migrants from Pakistan approaches, the country’s Interior Minister has stated that all individuals without legal documents will be expelled.

Pakistani media, citing Sarfraz Bugti, the Interior Minister of the country, have reported that in the first phase, migrants without legal documents for travel will be deported.

He further added that in the second phase, those individuals who possess Pakistani government identity cards and are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will also be deported.

He reiterated that this process is not specific to Afghan migrants, although the majority of undocumented migrants in Pakistan are Afghans.

However, tomorrow, Wednesday, is the last day for the forced deportation of Afghan migrants residing illegally in Pakistan.

In the past few days, the Pakistani government has deported nearly 60,000 Afghan migrants.

This decision by Islamabad has faced international reactions, and most international organizations, including the United Nations, have deemed Pakistan’s actions contradictory to the principles and laws of human rights.

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