Faiq: Afghan Migrants in Pakistan at Risk of Detention

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the expiration of the deadline for the deportation of illegal Afghan immigrants from Islamabad, Nasir Ahmad Faiq, the Acting Head of Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, says that migrants are at risk of threat and detention.

Faiq raised these remarks at the session of the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, stating that the return of Afghan migrants from Pakistan should be voluntary and based on internationally accepted principles.

Highlighting that Afghan migrants in Pakistan are at risk of threat and detention, he appealed to the international community to support and assist thousands of Afghan migrants.

Meanwhile, Richard Bent, the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Afghanistan, has urged the Pakistani government to reconsider its decision in order to prevent another crisis.

Bent wrote on the X network, “I urge Pakistan to prevent another crisis for Afghans by canceling its plans for mass deportation of migrants to Afghanistan.”

However, the Islamabad government has announced that the deadline for the expulsion of illegal migrants from Pakistani cities has ended, and after this, every migrant will be detained and forcibly transferred to Afghanistan.

This decision by the Pakistani government has triggered widespread international reactions.

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