Prime Minister’s Request to Islamabad: Do Not Expel Afghans with Disrespect

Bayan News – Mohammad Hasan Akhund, the head of the caretaker government in Kabul, is urging the Pakistani government not to expel Afghan migrants with disrespect.

In a video statement on Friday (November 3), he said that the Pakistani government should give Afghan migrants enough time to leave the country.

He stated that if the Pakistani government has issues with the Islamic Emirate, they should resolve it through dialogue and should not harass or mistreat Afghan migrants.

The head of the caretaker government in Kabul said in the video, “If you have a problem with me or with the Islamic Emirate, don’t take it out on the migrants. This goes against all laws. If you have a problem, come forward to resolve it.”

He further emphasized that the Islamic Emirate considers itself a partner in addressing the challenges faced by Afghan migrants and will utilize all available resources to alleviate their issues. He also mentioned that the current government has formed teams to address these challenges.

However, it is reported that the Pakistani government has detained Afghan migrants without proper documentation and has seized all their assets and properties.

One month ago, Islamabad had set a deadline for Afghan migrants to leave Pakistani soil.

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