Islamic Emirate forms a legal committee to defend the rights of migrants

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the intensified forced expulsion of Afghan migrants by the Pakistani government and the confiscation of their assets, the caretaker Kabul government has formed a legal committee to defend the rights of migrants.

This committee was established on Saturday, November 4th, by the decree of Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the Prime Minister of the caretaker Kabul government, with legal experts serving as members of this committee.

Officials of the caretaker Kabul government have stated that this committee has been designated to defend the civil, familial, and private rights of Afghan migrants residing in foreign countries.

According to them, this legal committee, chaired by the Deputy Head of Legislative Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, will strive to defend the rights and properties of Afghan migrants in foreign countries and explore legal and human rights avenues to address the rights of migrants.

However, reports indicate that the assets of most expelled migrants by the Pakistani government have been seized.

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