Mullah Brother Meets with Iranian Vice President: Stability in Afghanistan Benefits Neighbors

Bayan News – Mullah Abdulghani Brother, the economic deputy of the caretaker government in Kabul, has held talks with Mohammad Mokhber, the Vice President of Iran, regarding the political and economic relations between the two countries.

The Economic Office of the Prime Minister’s Office stated in a newsletter that this meeting took place today, Tuesday (November 6th), in Tehran, and the two sides discussed enhancing the political and economic cooperation between Afghanistan and Iran, as well as the regional political situation.

Brother emphasized in the meeting that after the end of the 20-year-long American occupation, Afghanistan is now independent in all matters and interacts with neighboring countries, the region, and the world while respecting Islamic and national values.

According to Brother, political, security, and economic stability are currently fully ensured, and Afghanistan’s stability will benefit neighboring countries, the region, and the world.

The economic deputy of the Prime Minister’s Office stressed that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, based on an economy-focused foreign policy, aims to expand its political, economic, transit, and trade relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Iran added that Iran is interested in expanding its relations with Afghanistan, and Tehran seeks to develop political, economic, and trade ties between the two countries, with a joint plan to improve the welfare of the two nations.

The Vice President of Iran further stated that Afghanistan and Iran should be committed to implementing the agreements and work together in environmental conservation, particularly in drought management and water issues.

Mr. Mokhber also highlighted that Tehran is ready to significantly increase exports and imports with Afghanistan through the Chabahar port.

The economic deputy of the caretaker government in Kabul visited Tehran two days ago as the head of a high-level delegation at the official invitation of the Iranian government.

During the past two days, he has had meetings and discussions with various Iranian officials.

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