The Islamic Emirate Appoints Diplomat at the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan

Bayan News – Recently, a written document has been circulated on social networks indicating that the acting Kabul government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appointed a diplomat at the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan’s capital on Tuesday.

The document was published on Monday, November 6th, and it is signed by Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the document, a person named Fayzullah has been employed as the First Secretary of the Afghan Embassy in the fourth office on Tuesday.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tajikistan government have not officially commented on the authenticity of this document so far, and Bayan News alone cannot confirm the accuracy of the published document.

Over the past two years, the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan was managed by Zaher Aghbar, an opponent of the political Islamic Emirate and close to the National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Massoud.

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