Interim Kabul Government’s Minister of Energy and Water Travels to Tehran

Bayan News – Abdullatif Mansour, the Minister of Energy and Water of the Interim Kabul Government, has embarked on an official trip to Tehran on Sunday, November 11.

In a tweet, he mentioned that during his visit to Tehran, he will discuss the extension of electricity contracts, appropriate electricity tariffs, and many other issues with Iranian officials.

The trip of the Minister of Energy and Water of the Interim Kabul Government comes a day after a six-day visit by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s brother, the Deputy Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, to Iran.

The exact details of Mr. Mansour’s official visit to Iran have not been disclosed to the media yet, but it is likely that discussions will take place regarding water-related issues between the two countries.

Recently, some Iranian officials claimed that during their meeting with Mr. Ghani’s brother, there was a verbal agreement regarding the Helmand water issue, but the officials of the interim Kabul government have not commented on this matter.

Furthermore, during the official visit of the Deputy Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister to Iran, five bilateral cooperation agreements in various sectors between the two countries were signed, and a one-month deadline has been set for the working teams of both sides to pursue these agreements.

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