Nearly 2,500 Children in Afghanistan Have Died from Pneumonia

Bayan News – The Ministry of Public Health of the Interim Kabul Government reports that over 2,500 children have died from pneumonia in Afghanistan this year.

These statistics were presented on World Pneumonia Day, which is observed annually on November 12th around the world.

Shahrzad Zaman Khail, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, stated on Monday, November 12th, that over one million children have been affected by pneumonia and sought treatment at healthcare centers this year.

She added, “The number of patients we have this year is around 1.1 million, but unfortunately, the number of fatalities is higher than last year, with over one hundred children recorded as having lost their lives.”

Although pneumonia has been eradicated in some countries, the disease continues to claim the lives of Afghan children due to the lack of healthcare facilities.

Malnutrition, cold weather, lack of healthcare services, and economic challenges are considered the main factors contributing to the incidence of pneumonia in children.

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