Deputy UNHCR Representative: Many returnees from Pakistan do not have homes.

Bayan News – Deputy UNHCR Representative Daniel Anders has stated that many returnees from Pakistan to Afghanistan are without homes.

In a video released by UNHCR, Anders explains that many Afghan returnees from Pakistan are in a precarious situation, with a significant number lacking homes in Afghanistan. “Today, I am at the Torkham border with Pakistan, and I see thousands of Afghan citizens returning from Pakistan. Many of them are in a dire situation. They have had to endure days to reach this point, and I have spoken with many of the returnees who do not have a home in Afghanistan.”

Anders emphasizes that with the arrival of winter, people need shelter to survive. One of the challenges is that aid agencies have redirected all of their resources, including tents and camps, to assist those affected by the earthquake in Herat province, making it difficult to address the needs of returnees.

Given the volume of returnees from Pakistan, Anders stresses the urgent need to find emergency solutions for cash assistance, food, and water.

The UNHCR Coordination Office for Humanitarian Assistance has stated that additional and immediate financial support is required to address the needs of migrants and refugees entering Afghanistan from Pakistan.

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