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Bushra Gohar: Afghan Women Are Fighting Not Only for Their Rights

Bayan News – Bushra Gohar, a human rights activist from Pakistan, praised the struggles and protests of Afghan women during the 11th round of talks in Herat, Tajikistan, and added that they are standing up for their rights.

In this conference on Monday, November 27th, she stated that Afghan women are currently fighting both inside and outside the country to access their rights.

This human rights activist said, “We must acknowledge their courage because they are not just fighting for their own rights, they are fighting for women’s rights in the region and beyond.”

Gohar criticized the global community’s policies towards Afghan women and emphasized that if the world prioritized this issue, at least one humanitarian emergency would be declared by the United Nations.

The 11th round of talks in Herat took place in the capital of Tajikistan today, with the presence of opposition figures of the Islamic Emirate, civil society activists, human rights activists, and journalists.

The caretaker government in Kabul was also invited to this conference, but its representative did not participate.

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