Putin: Russia Fights for Global Freedom

Bayan News – Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, stated that Moscow has closed the path for those claiming world domination and is now fighting for the freedom of the entire world.

Putin made these remarks on Wednesday (November 28) at the World Council of Russian Nationalities (VRNS) and stated, “This country of ours is Russia’s world, as it has happened more than once in history, we have closed the path for those who claim global dominance and exclusivity today. We are now fighting not only for the freedom of Russia but for the freedom of the entire world.”

In his speech, he criticized Western propaganda against Russia and stated that the West does not need a multi-ethnic country like Russia because all forms of Russophobia and racism against the people of the Russian Federation have emerged.

The President of Russia further emphasized that Moscow stands at the forefront of establishing a just world order, while the dictatorship of a worn-out hegemony in the world is evident to the majority of the world’s population.

In his words, “We explicitly state that the dictatorship of a hegemony that we see is now worn out and everyone sees that. As they say, it has become a crime and is dangerous for its neighbors. It is now clear to the majority of the world. But I repeat, this is our country that is currently at the forefront of establishing a fairer global order.”

Tensions between Russia and Europe as well as Western countries have increased following Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine.

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