European Union provides 142 million euros in assistance to returning migrants

Bayan News – Khalil Rahman Haqqani, the Acting Minister of Migrants and Returnees from Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey, has called for respecting the human rights of Afghan immigrants and refraining from forced deportation.

The Acting Minister of Migrants expressed these remarks on Wednesday (November 28) during a meeting with Rafaela Ayudis, the European Union’s representative for Afghanistan.

According to the ministry’s newsletter, quoting Mr. Haqqani, the discussion focused on Afghan refugees voluntarily returning from Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey.

On the other hand, the EU embassy official stated in the meeting that over 140 million euros would be provided in aid for returning migrants from these three countries.

In recent months, the Pakistani government has forcibly deported hundreds of thousands of Afghan migrants, and this trend continues.

International organizations have stated that they do not have the necessary capacity to provide assistance considering the volume of returning migrants and that the global community needs to provide further support.

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