United States: Al-Qaeda and ISIS Still Active in Afghanistan

Bayan News – In a report released by the US Department of State, it is stated that groups such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and regional terrorist organizations continue to remain active in Afghanistan.

The report, published yesterday, mentions that terrorist attacks by the ISIS Khorasan branch against civilians in Afghanistan are still ongoing.

During the past months, several terrorist attacks by the ISIS Khorasan branch have taken place in cities across Afghanistan, including Balkh and Kabul, resulting in the loss of many civilian lives.

Furthermore, in the past two weeks, Shia civilians, especially Shia scholars, have been subjected to armed attacks in Herat province in western Afghanistan, although no group has claimed responsibility for these events.

However, the annual report by the US Department of State still states that Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, similar to Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, exist but lack the capability to launch attacks from Afghanistan to the West.

According to this report, ISIS launched attacks in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan last year, with intentions to carry out similar attacks in Western countries.

The US Department of State continues to state in this report that the caretaker government in Kabul had pledged to prevent the activities of terrorist organizations on Afghan soil, but it is evident that this has not been effectively implemented.

Officials from the caretaker government in Kabul have not yet responded to this report by the US Department of State.

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