Tensions Mount at Torkham Gate; Sometimes Closed by the Islamic Emirate, Sometimes by Pakistan

Bayan News – Once again, it has been reported that the Torkham Gate has been closed by the caretaker government in Kabul in protest against the installation of a new signboard by Pakistani border guards.

The Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune reported today, Thursday (December 6th), that the new signboard read “Welcome to Pakistan,” but officials of the Islamic Emirate closed this border crossing for the passage of travelers and vehicles.

However, officials of the caretaker government in Kabul at this border crossing stated that Pakistani soldiers attempted to create a new gate on Afghan soil using the pretext of installing the signboard, which faced opposition from border forces.

These statements were made by Esmatullah Mubariz, the commissioner of the Islamic Emirate at the Torkham Gate, to Afghan media outlets.

Mubariz added that in response to this protest by Afghan border forces, Pakistani soldiers blocked the Torkham Gate this morning.

Last week, the Torkham Gate was also closed by Pakistani border forces.

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