Vienna Conference Concludes: United Nations Urged to Play an Active Role

Bayan News – The three-day Vienna conference, titled “Vienna Conference for a Democratic Afghanistan,” which was held in Austria with the participation of anti-Taliban figures, has concluded with the issuance of a statement.

The participants of this conference stated in the announcement on Tuesday afternoon (December 5th) that they have outlined a roadmap to overcome the current crisis and bring about positive changes in the situation in Afghanistan, emphasizing the need for international support.

They continue to call on the United Nations to play a central role in facilitating the political process and aligning with the national agenda to change the current status quo in Afghanistan, considering the current situation in the country.

According to the participants of the Vienna conference, the United Nations should prioritize resolving the Afghan dilemma and the legitimacy of governance, as well as conditional engagement with the caretaker government in Kabul based on progress in relevant areas.

The statement of the conference participants also calls on Islamic countries and Islamic cooperation organizations to declare a clear position in support of girls’ education in Afghanistan.

Representatives of various political factions and parties from previous Afghan governments, including Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front, participated in this conference.

This is the latest in a series of conferences held in various countries, including Russia, Tajikistan, and Austria, by political opponents of the Islamic Emirate.

The authorities of the Islamic Emirate have dismissed all of these conferences and stated that amnesty is implementable in Afghanistan, calling on the opponents to return to the country.

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