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UN Women Report: Returning Women from Pakistan Under Pressure

Bayan News – A recent report by the United Nations Women’s Division indicates that women forcibly returning from Pakistan are under pressure due to an uncertain future, and this situation has impacted their well-being.

The UN Women’s Division, which conducted interviews with a number of forcibly returned women from Pakistan, found that they expressed dissatisfaction and despair about their future prospects.

According to the report, the majority of forcibly returned women from Pakistan, apart from anxiety, displacement, and leaving behind all their belongings, have not experienced anything else. At the same time, many of these women, whose husbands have been detained by the Pakistani police, have been compelled to return to Afghanistan without their family members.

The report states, “These women often face severe trauma and are concerned about their return, requiring specialized support and care.”

However, recently, a video clip of an Afghan migrant woman in Pakistan has been widely circulated on social media, showing her fleeing from the Islamabad police with her child.

In the video clip, she states that although she has a passport, she does not have a visa and her presence in Pakistan has been illegal.

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