Mohammad Hassan Akhund: Neighboring countries should not use migrants as political pressure

Bayan News – Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the head of the caretaker government in Kabul, calls on neighboring countries of Afghanistan not to use migrants for political pressure.

Mohammad Hassan Akhund, in a message on Tuesday (December 18) on the occasion of International Migrants Day, stated that the issue of migrants should not be viewed politically or from the perspective of immediate interests and decisions, and it should not be used as a means of pressure.

He emphasized in his message that the process of migrant return should be dignified and gradual so as not to cause long-term humanitarian disasters, hatred, and mistrust between countries.

In the message of the head of the caretaker government, it is stated that the international community and relevant international organizations associated with the United Nations should not overlook the issue of Afghan migrants.

Mohammad Hassan Akhund added, “Human empathy and humanitarian compassion require the aforementioned authorities to address the problems of Afghan migrants inside or outside Afghanistan, prevent their forced expulsion, and make effective and practical efforts to prevent their arrest, imprisonment, property confiscation, and any other obstacles.”

On the other hand, Abdul Salam Hanafi, the administrative deputy of the Prime Minister’s Office, stated during the International Migrants Day ceremony that neighboring countries of Afghanistan, contrary to international standards and the rights of neighboring countries, have resorted to the forced expulsion of Afghans and have caused hatred between the two nations.

Apparently, Mr. Hanafi’s reference is to the government of Pakistan, which has recently expelled large groups of Afghan migrants.

However, according to published statistics, in the past two months, nearly 60,000 Afghan families have been expelled from Pakistan, of which 13,000 families have returned to their original areas.

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