Killing of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander in Syria; Iranian Foreign Minister: Tel Aviv Should Be Prepared for a Harsh Countdown

Bayan News – Sayed Razi Musavi, an experienced commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, recently lost his life in an Israeli attack in the Zainabiyah area of Damascus.

In response to the killing of this senior Revolutionary Guards commander in Syria, Iranian officials, including Ebrahim Raisi, the President of Iran, and Amir-Abdollahian, the Foreign Minister of the country, threatened Tel Aviv to be prepared for a response.

The President of Iran stated that Israel will pay the price for its actions.

Raisi added, “Undoubtedly, this act is another sign of frustration, helplessness, and impotence of the usurping Zionist regime in the region, and it will certainly pay the price for its actions.”

Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister also wrote on the X platform that this Revolutionary Guards commander fought valiantly to ensure the security of Iran and the region against terrorists.

Abdollahian added, “Tel Aviv should be prepared for a harsh countdown.”

However, during the Hamas-Israel conflict, hostilities between Tehran and Tel Aviv have escalated further.

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