Muttaqi in Iran: Opponents do not have control even over a square meter of land

Bayan News – Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, who recently traveled to Iran, says that their opponents in Afghanistan do not have control even over a square meter of land.

He made these remarks on Wednesday (December 26) at a gathering of immigrants in the city of Mashhad, Iran.

Stating that after 40 years, the islands of power in Afghanistan have come to an end, he emphasized that in the current situation, no one can be a bully.

Muttaqi said, “Today, after 45 years, in all of Afghanistan, in a village, in a piece of land, and in a square meter of land, opponents do not have control. All islands of power and tribal kingship have ended. No one can say that we are powerful and you are weak.”

The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, during this trip, continues to describe the Kabul-Tehran relations as excellent after the establishment of the Islamic Emirate.

On the other hand, in the past two years, several armed resistance fronts have emerged against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in certain parts of the country, especially in Panjshir, and occasionally carry out guerrilla attacks.

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