Electricity Import from Tajikistan Extended in 2024

Breshna Company has announced that it has signed a new contract for the import of electricity from Tajikistan in 2024 with the state-owned company of Tajikistan.

In a newsletter on Thursday (December 27), the company stated that the power purchase agreement was signed between Mohammad Hanif Hamza, the Executive Director of Breshna Company, and the head of the Tajikistan state-owned electricity company in Turkey.

Furthermore, Breshna Company stated in the newsletter that the signatories of the electricity contract have also discussed the restart and coordination for the implementation of the Dasht-e-Khawar hydropower project.

However, Afghanistan imports electricity from countries such as Uzbekistan, Iran, and Tajikistan. But with the onset of winter, the electricity supply in certain parts of Afghanistan, especially Kabul, decreases.

Currently, the city of Kabul has only a few hours of electricity supply during a 24-hour period.

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