Reporters Without Borders: Afghanistan, Russia, and Vietnam are the most dangerous countries for journalists.

Bayan News – Reporters Without Borders, in its annual report, has identified Afghanistan, Russia, and Vietnam as the most dangerous countries for journalists.

The report, published on Monday (December 31), states that in 2023, over 20 journalists were detained by Taliban forces, and three journalists are still imprisoned.

According to the report, after the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan, independent media outlets have faced severe pressure, leading to the arrest of several journalists on various charges.

Officials from the Kabul interim government have not yet responded to the Reporters Without Borders report, but previously, Zabihullah Mujahid had stated that guilty media outlets would be punished.

The Reporters Without Borders report also highlights the suppression and imprisonment faced by journalists in Vietnam and Russia.

The report provides statistics that in 2023, over 40 journalists were imprisoned, and 36 of them are still in detention, with some serving sentences of up to eight years.

Based on the report, a hostile environment towards journalists prevails in Russia, where in the past year, 34 journalists were arrested, and 29 of them remain in custody.

However, the overall figures from Reporters Without Borders indicate that in 2023, a total of 779 journalists experienced imprisonment in various months of the year.

According to the report, among the aforementioned statistics, 547 journalists are still imprisoned in 45 countries worldwide.

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