Taiwan’s President: People determine how we engage with China

Bayan News – In response to statements made by the President of China, Tsai Ing-wen, the President of Taiwan, has added that the will of the Taiwanese people will determine the relationship with China.

Xi Jinping had stated yesterday that Taiwan’s reunification with China is inevitable. The President of China made these remarks as presidential and parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Taiwan on January 12th of this month.

The President of Taiwan states that the will of the people of the country will decide how to establish relations with China.

According to international media reports, when asked about Xi’s statements, Tsai emphasized democracy as the most important principle and stated, “This is the shared desire of the people of Taiwan for decision-making. Ultimately, we are a democratic country.”

According to the President of Taiwan, China should respect the outcome of Taiwan’s elections, and it is the responsibility of both sides to maintain peace and stability in the region. “All houses have locks, not to provoke neighbors’ anger but to enhance their own safety. The same applies to the doors of a country. The people of Taiwan seek peace, but we want peace with respect.”

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