Karzai, Abdullah, and Ahmad Massoud Condemn Attack on Public Gathering in Kerman, Iran

Bayan News – Hamed Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation of the former government, and Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front, strongly condemned the deadly attacks on a public gathering in the city of Kerman, Iran.

In his message, Karzai described the consecutive explosions in the city of Iran as terrorist acts and inhumane crimes, stating that such attacks are contrary to all human and Islamic principles.

Dr. Abdullah also expressed his reaction and said in a message, “Unfortunately, today’s horrific attacks in the city of Kerman in our friendly and brotherly country, the Islamic Republic of Iran, have resulted in the martyrdom and injury of hundreds of innocent people.”

Mr. Abdullah regarded these attacks as criminal and against human values.

Similarly, Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front, added in his message, “I am saddened to see that today the great nation of Iran has been targeted by the terrorist enemies of Islam. I share the pain and grief caused by the martyrdom of dozens of innocent citizens of our friendly and brotherly country, Iran, due to the two explosions carried out by the enemies of humanity.”

Ahmad Massoud further stated in his message that the heinous phenomenon of terrorism has plagued the region for years and always takes a toll on our people.

It should be noted that on Thursday afternoon, two deadly explosions occurred during the commemoration ceremony of the fourth anniversary of the death of Qasem Soleimani, held in the city of Kerman, Iran.

As a result of these two explosions, 103 people were killed, and 177 others were injured.

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