Prohibition of Girls’ Education: “How cruelly we have been condemned”

Zulfiya Kazemi, Student

The past two years have been exhausting and anxiety-filled moments for girls like me, who spent every second hoping for a better educational future. Although we expected that with changes in the education system, the doors of schools would open for me and my peers, we gradually found ourselves sinking into despair, with no hope for education or the excitement of school.

Now that difficult conditions have befallen Afghan girls, I want to start by asking: Which society in today’s world has achieved prosperity and comfort without educating its girls? This is while the authorities of the new regime have been talking about the progress and advancement of Afghanistan over the past two years.

This is the voice of all educated girls who have reached the age of awareness. All the people of Afghanistan, especially women and girls, know that today’s society in this country needs the production of knowledge.

I was in the tenth grade of my school, and despite the daily challenges, I used to dream of leisure from school and excelling in university. I made plans to determine which field and which university I would pursue to contribute to the progress and reconstruction of this country. But it didn’t take long before girls were heartlessly removed from the education system, and everything I aimed for and dreamed of was lost.

I want to say that the prohibition of girls’ education will have irreversible and detrimental consequences on the Afghan society, which will be difficult to rectify in the future.

I am informed through the media and social networks that many girls are facing issues such as early marriages and involuntary migrations, and to prevent these challenges, it is necessary to provide an educational environment for girls so that they can continue their learning.

It is not too late, and girls still hope for the reopening of schools. There are girls who are willing to return to the educational environment under any circumstances and principles.

Zulfiya Kazemi

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