Special Representative for Afghanistan: ISIS Khorasan is the Biggest Terrorist Threat in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Tom West, the Special Representative for Afghanistan, says that currently, the biggest terrorist threat in Afghanistan is ISIS Khorasan and they have serious intentions to carry out external attacks.

He made these statements on Friday (January 11) during a congressional session on Afghanistan held in the United States.

West added in his speech that the United States is closely monitoring the activities of ISIS terrorists.

Referring to the Al-Qaeda network, he stated that Al-Qaeda’s ability to launch attacks on the United States has reached its lowest level, and at the same time, the fact that the Taliban provided safe haven in Kabul was a clear violation of their commitments.

The Special Representative for Afghanistan emphasized that the Taliban has been warned to abide by their commitments.

This American official also highlighted the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, which is a priority for the United States to address.

He noted that the United States has provided over two billion dollars in the past two years to respond to the humanitarian needs of the Afghan people, and this assistance has reached the people and international organizations, not the Taliban.

Regarding the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women and girls in Afghanistan, West stated that nowhere else in the world are women and girls oppressed like in Afghanistan.

West stated that respect for human rights, especially the rights of women and girls, should be at the center of every government’s policy, and he added that it has been made clear to the Taliban that without any fundamental changes in their policies, there will be no path towards normalizing relations.

Although ISIS Khorasan has claimed responsibility for several recent terrorist attacks in some provinces of Afghanistan, including Kabul, the Taliban officials have consistently stated in their statements that ISIS has been suppressed in Afghanistan and poses no threat to Afghanistan or other countries.

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