Iranian Officials: Concerned about the Industrialization of Drug Production in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Iranian officials have once again expressed concern that the level of narcotics in Afghanistan is not only not decreasing but is actually becoming industrialized.

This marks the latest instance in recent months where Iranian officials have voiced concerns about the traditional production of drugs in Afghanistan.

According to Iranian media outlets, Eskandar Momeni, the Secretary-General of Iran’s Anti-Narcotics Headquarters, has claimed, “Not only are we not witnessing a reduction in traditional drug production in Afghanistan, but industrial production in the country is on the rise.”

The Iranian official, speaking at a meeting of the Coordination Council for Drug Control in the country, added that there have been no changes in the scale and quantity of drug cultivation in Afghanistan.

These concerns arise at a time when the current Afghan government has assured a reduction in drug cultivation and production in Afghanistan over the past two years.

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