Haqqani: Afghanistan Must Obtain Membership in Important International Institutions

Bayan News – Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Acting Minister of Interior of the Taliban, states that Afghanistan must obtain its membership in important international institutions in order for Afghans to have their true representation.

Haqqani made these remarks on Thursday (17th January) during a meeting with Raffaella Iodice, the European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan.

The Acting Minister of Interior of the Taliban added that after decades of difficulties and instability, Afghanistan is now moving rapidly towards political and economic stability, and the people are experiencing a sense of physical and mental security.

Nevertheless, the European Union Ambassador for Afghanistan also expressed appreciation for the positive efforts of the Taliban and their support for the people of the country in this meeting.

During the meeting between the European Union Ambassador for Afghanistan and the Acting Minister of Interior, discussions and conversations were held regarding cooperation with the earthquake-affected victims in Herat province and other humanitarian collaborations.

The European Union has cooperated with various sectors in Afghanistan, contributing more than two billion dollars in the past two years.

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