14% Decline in UK-Afghanistan Trade in 2023

Bayan News – According to the latest report from the UK Department of Trade, the volume of trade between the UK and Afghanistan in 2023 has decreased by 14%.

According to the report, the trade exchange between Afghanistan and the UK in 2023 reached £135 million, equivalent to $171 million. The report also states that UK imports from Afghanistan reached $60 million, indicating an 11% decrease compared to the previous year.

The UK Department of Trade further added that UK foreign investment in Afghanistan reached £820,000 after 2021.

However, prior to March 2021, at least 100 British companies were engaged in trade with Afghanistan, including the trade of power generation machinery, electronic equipment, vehicles, grains, fish, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products.

Meanwhile, the UK Foreign Office has advised its citizens not to travel to Afghanistan for security reasons.

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