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Deputy of the Shia Scholars Council: Taliban’s actions in the name of “veiling” are not approved.

Sayed Mahdi Hussaini

Bayan news – Mohammad Akbari, the deputy of Afghanistan’s Shia Scholars Council, states that the recent actions of the Taliban in the name of veiling are not approved and are not in the best interest of the people and the current system.

He expressed hope on Friday at a ceremony commemorating the birth of Imam Ali (AS), held in western Kabul, that such actions would not be repeated, and officials should be careful not to make the people distrustful of governance.

The deputy of Afghanistan’s Shia Scholars Council emphasized the virtues of Imam Ali during this event, stating that Shia Muslims consider him second only to God and the Prophet, and anyone who speaks more than this is spreading false accusations.

Mr. Akbari further stated that Sunni and Shia scholars should discuss these issues together and engage in interaction with realism and fairness, as this will be effective in promoting Islamic brotherhood and strengthening unity among the people of Afghanistan.

Similarly, Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi, a member of the Shia Scholars Council and the head of the Assembly of Ahlulbayt’s Lovers in Kabul, added in this event, referring to the Imamate of Imam Ali (AS), that he is the first Imam of the Shiites, the guide of this nation and community after the Messenger of God.

According to Balkhi, Shia Muslims repeat 20 times in their daily prayers that Ali is not God, but the representative of God.

This member of the Shia Scholars Council emphasized that the path of Shia Muslims is the path of moderation and emphasized that some topics raised in certain books or other titles regarding the love of Shia Muslims for Ali are incorrect.

He urged such individuals not to tarnish the social atmosphere of Afghanistan by raising topics that are far from the truth, as the people of Afghanistan, more than ever, need necessity, understanding, and solidarity.

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