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British Parliament Investigates Gender Discrimination in Afghanistan

Bayan News – British media have reported that the country’s parliament is conducting an investigation into gender discrimination in Afghanistan and Iran.

This comes as women and girls in Afghanistan have been deprived of their right to education since the Taliban came to power, and women have been banned from domestic and international non-governmental organizations.

Furthermore, in recent days, stricter restrictions have been imposed on women and girls for adhering to the desired attire by the ruling regime, and several girls from various parts of Kabul have been detained to enforce these restrictions.

These restrictions have elicited national and international reactions.

Although Taliban officials have consistently stated that they are not against girls’ education, efforts are being made to create a conducive environment for girls’ education.

Recently, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, a Taliban political deputy, stated that a special committee has been formed to address this issue and work on girls’ education.

However, these statements have not convinced the national and international community.

Now, the British Parliament has raised its voice to discuss and investigate these restrictions in Afghanistan and Iran.

According to British media reports, the British Parliament will examine this issue based on the demands of human rights activists and defenders.

According to these reports, the investigation will focus on the concept of gender apartheid and its implications within the framework of international law.

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