Report: Death of Two Women in Farayab and Herat Provinces

Bayan News – Local sources from the provinces of Herat and Farayab have reported the deaths of a woman and a girl in these two provinces.

According to local sources, on Saturday morning (10th of February), a woman in Karukh district of Herat province was killed by unknown individuals with a cold weapon (knife), and her three children were also injured.

Sources further state that the husband of this woman was not present at home, and the assailants, in addition to killing the woman, injured her children, who are two, five, and seven years old.

Security officials in Herat province have not commented on this event.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s office in Farayab has also reported the suicide of a young girl in the village of “Divanekhana” in Almar district of this province.

According to local officials, this girl was 18 years old and hanged herself due to family problems.

This event took place on Saturday morning (10th of February).

Recently, the rate of suicides among Afghan youth, especially girls, has increased.

Poverty, family problems, and underage marriages are among the most important factors contributing to suicide among Afghan youth.

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