Doha II: Focus of Regional and Global Countries on Afghanistan

Bayan News – With the upcoming Doha II conference hosted by the United Nations, representatives from several countries, including Iran and the United States, have expressed their positions on this meeting.

Matt Miller, the spokesperson for the US Department of State, stated in a press briefing to reporters on Wednesday (February 13) that Tom West, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan, and Reena Amiri, the Special Representative for Women and Human Rights in Afghanistan, will participate in the Doha conference.

According to Miller, the United States supports the request for a United Nations Security Council resolution to appoint a special representative for Afghanistan and calls on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to expedite the appointment and introduction of this representative.

He added that the appointment of a special representative by the United Nations will enhance international coordination on Afghanistan.

At the same time, Hasaan Kazemi Qomi, the Ambassador and Special Representative of the President of Iran for Afghanistan, emphasized that the Taliban government has its own conditions for participating in the Doha conference, but Qomi did not provide further details on this matter.

Qomi wrote on the X platform this morning, Thursday (February 14): “It is a good opportunity to determine how serious the proposition of a fair path to interaction, which is mentioned under the goals of the conference, is.”

He continued to write that if the path of the regional contact committee receives attention and the path of interaction is pursued, the world and the region will face stability with Afghanistan.

However, the Doha II conference will be held on the 18th and 19th of the current month with the participation of special representatives from countries for Afghanistan, hosted by the United Nations.

In this conference, the Taliban government will also participate, but officials of the current Kabul government have not yet said anything about the composition of this delegation.

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