Doha II: Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Participates in Doha Meeting

Bayan News – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan announced on Friday (February 16) that Asef Durrani, the country’s special representative for Afghanistan, will lead a delegation to participate in the Doha meeting.

The second Doha meeting, hosted by the United Nations, will be held next Monday and Tuesday with the participation of special representatives from various countries for Afghanistan.

During this meeting, the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, the international community’s engagement with the Taliban, and the appointment of a special UN representative for Afghanistan will be discussed and examined.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan added in a statement, “Pakistan’s participation in this meeting is part of our efforts for active engagement with the international community, including the United Nations, to strengthen efforts for peace and sustainable prosperity in Afghanistan.”

Representatives of the Taliban’s interim government have also been invited to the Doha meeting, but the Taliban authorities have considered their participation conditional.

Although there are two days left until the meeting, the Taliban officials have not yet taken an official stance and have not made a collective decision regarding their delegation’s participation in the meeting.

On the other hand, the United Nations had previously announced that representatives of civil society, human rights defenders, and women’s rights activists would also be invited to this meeting.

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