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Samira Hamidi: Khalilzad’s Discussion in the US Congress Once Again Proves His Hypocrisy

Bayan News – Samira Hamidi, the Afghanistan Program Manager at Amnesty International, responded to Khalilzad’s discussion in the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, stating that this discussion once again proves his hypocrisy.

Ms. Hamidi wrote on Friday evening (February 15) on the X platform that whether Ashraf Ghani, the former President of Afghanistan, stayed in the country or not, Afghanistan would have surrendered to the Taliban on September 1, 2021.

She highlighted that the surrender of Afghanistan was part of the Doha Agreement and emphasized that the country was a political game for Trump and Biden, thus the agreement provided no guarantees for justice, human rights, and women’s rights.

The Amnesty International official further stated that the United States currently does not prioritize the rights of Afghan women and girls; they only pay lip service.

Samira Hamidi addressed the women and girls of Afghanistan, urging them not to expect anything from Tom West and Rina Amiri, the American officials who are expected to participate in the second Doha meeting.

However, Zalmay Khalilzad, the former US representative for Afghanistan, stated in the hearing of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs that the Taliban had promised the inclusion of women in their cabinet.

On the other hand, the second Doha meeting, which is scheduled to be held in two days with the participation of special representatives from various countries for Afghanistan, hosted by the United Nations, will see the participation of Tom West as the US representative for Afghanistan and Reena Amiri as the representative for women and human rights in Afghanistan.

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