Officials in Balkh Province: “Nearly a Thousand” Foreign Tourists Have Visited the Province in a Year

Bayan News – Local Taliban officials in Balkh Province say that in recent days, approximately 19 tourists from countries such as the United States, Australia, Poland, Germany, and Japan have visited the ancient sites of the province.

Abdul Wahid Ahadi, the Tourism Officer of the Information and Culture Directorate of Balkh Province, added to local media that foreign tourists have expressed satisfaction with the security provided in the province.

Local officials in Balkh have assured all foreign tourists that their security will be ensured, and they can visit the tourist attractions of the province with peace of mind.

According to the information from the Information and Culture Directorate of Balkh Province, in the past year, at least 800 tourists from various countries around the world have visited different parts of the province.

This comes as the influx of foreign tourists from various provinces of the country has increased since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan.

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