Entry and exit of over three thousand foreign citizens from Afghanistan

Bayan News – The National Statistics and Information Administration of the Taliban reports that in the past month, three thousand and three hundred foreign citizens have entered and exited Afghanistan through ports and airports.

The administration stated in a newsletter today, Monday (February 25th), “The recorded figures indicate that in the month of Dalw, a total of 33 individuals, including 1,835 females, have entered the country, and another 1,509 individuals, including 15 females, have exited the country.”

According to the National Statistics and Information Administration, the majority of foreign nationals entered and exited through the ports of Nimruz province, the ports and airports of Herat, the Torghundi port, and the Hairatan port.

Earlier, local Taliban authorities in Balkh province also reported that in the past month, 33 foreign citizens, who were citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany, had visited the historical sites of the province.

Taliban security officials have assured that the security of foreign tourists will be ensured.

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