The United Nations Security Council will hold a session tomorrow on Afghanistan

Bayan News – according to reports is reported that the United Nations Security Council will hold a closed-door session on Afghanistan tomorrow, Monday (February 26th).

This session comes exactly one week after the second Doha session.

The session, initiated by the United Nations, was attended by special representatives from more than 25 countries, representatives of international organizations, women’s rights activists, and human rights defenders from Afghanistan.

It is also said that António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, will provide information about the second Doha session in this meeting.

In the second Doha session, there was no consensus or unified view on Afghanistan.

Some representatives of Western countries declared that this session demonstrated the strong commitment of the international community to support the people of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, several representatives from regional countries considered the second Doha session unsuccessful due to the absence of Taliban representatives. In addition, Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan refrained from participating with representatives of Afghan civil activists.

Although the interim Taliban government officials were invited to the Doha session by the United Nations, they refrained from participating due to the non-acceptance of their conditions.

The Taliban Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they closely monitored the two-day Doha session and that it did not yield any significant results.

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