Taliban Whips Eight Individuals in Herat on Charges of “Adultery and Dishonor”

Bayan News – The Supreme Court of the Taliban announced today, Friday (February 29th), that based on the ruling of the military court in this province, eight individuals have been whipped on charges of “adultery and dishonor.”

In a statement issued by the Supreme Court, it was mentioned that in addition to receiving 20 lashes, the military court in Herat has also sentenced them to five months in prison.

It is said that the whipping sentence for these individuals had been previously issued, and its implementation took place in the past few days.

The Taliban’s Supreme Court did not specify whether these individuals were civilians or members of Taliban security forces.

However, in recent days, the Taliban have held several makeshift courts in the provinces of Ghazni, Mazar, Bamiyan, and Herat, publicly punishing the accused in the presence of the general public.

The Taliban government has also executed two individuals on charges of murder in the sports stadium of Ghazni province and one individual in Jowzjan province.

These actions by the Taliban have faced international reactions.

The United Nations, human rights organizations, and the United States have called on the Taliban to immediately cease these actions.

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