Taliban dismisses Richard Bennett’s human rights report as propaganda

Bayan News – Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Taliban caretaker government, has referred to Richard Bennett’s recent report presented at the United Nations Human Rights Council as propaganda.

Mujahid wrote on his Twitter platform on Friday evening (March 1st), “Richard Bennett’s report is once again a propaganda effort against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

The spokesperson for the Taliban caretaker government further stated that Afghan women and men have significantly greater physical, financial, and spiritual security compared to the past. “No one has the right to violate the rights of others. Every Afghan individual possesses their legitimate rights and lives in a general state of security.”

This reaction comes as Richard Bennett, in yesterday’s fifty-fifth session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, called on the international community to conditionally normalize relations with the Taliban based on respect for human rights.

Bennett reiterated in his speech that the Taliban should be held accountable for their policies, and it is crucial for member countries of the United Nations to find ways to support women, girls, boys, and men in order to bring about necessary changes.

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